The Rock Stars of Metal Shop!

Desmond Starchild - Vocals

Desmond Starchild is the rocking frontman of Metal Shop! His magnetic stage presence will always draw the crowd in, and have them eating out of his hands! Need to get the party started? Desmond Starchild is your man! Desmond_and_Ziggy_at_the_Mystic_Theatre.jpg

Ziggy Chipotle - Lead Guitar

Ziggy Chipotle has been tearing up the fretboard with Metal Shop since December, 2009. His musical style and distinct guitar sound are unmistakable! Ziggy's rapport with the crowd always has them screaming for more! Teamed up together, Ziggy and Desmond Starchild are the premier dynamic duo to get your party rocking all night! Ziggy_at_Crystal_Bay_Casino.jpg

Rodd Trapeez - Bass Guitar

Rodd Trapeez has been thrilling audiences for years with his rock star good looks, and his keen fashion sense. As part of Metal Shop's rock solid rhythm section, Rodd's low end rumble always gets the crowd dancing! Rodd_Trapeez_at_the_Mystic_Theatre.jpg

Izzy Loaded - Drums, Percussion, and Other Loud Noises

Izzy's muscle has been a driving force behind Metal Shop's groove for years! He's like a machine behind the drums! His rocking grooves always get people moving! Izzy and Rodd Trapeez are inseparable as a rhythm section! Together, they have been making people dance the night away for years! 

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Metal Shop rocks Dan's!

Dan's Bar, 1524 Civic Dr, Walnut Creek, CA

Hey! Come celebrate Ziggy's birthday with us at Dan's Bar in Walnut Creek! Yeah!

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